There really is no need to fear being alone which is called autophobia. I know that might sound like a bold statement, but I’ve worked with many people who’ve experienced intense fear of isolation over the years, and a lot who’ve suffered from crippling sensations of loneliness.

In almost every case, working together, using the latest techniques, my clients and I have been able to make massive changes so that the individual concerned came to appreciate both being alone, and being with other people. Fear of being alone is learned; the same fear can be unlearned. More positively, it can be replaced with hope, joy and optimism.

The techniques that seem to be most powerful in combating fear include visualization, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), and timeline therapy. These have been so effective at bringing about change that I’ve now linked up with a group of associate therapists who offer these techniques over the Internet. You can find out all about it at: “Change That’s Right Now.”

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