The Causes of Lower Right Abdominal Pain

The abdominal pain is not strictly divided based on the gender. It means that both men and women can experience lower right abdominal pain if they have the disorders related. Unlike pain in lower left abdomen, this type of pain is commonly caused by the disorders inside the belly, not the muscular injuries caused by the wrong posture. It means that, if you have this kind of pain, it will be more serious than the lower back pain. In some cases, you do need the doctors to help relieving the pain. It is because; the main root of this kind of pain is the symptoms of the disorders. It indicates that in order to cure the pain, you have to cure the main disorder first.

The disorder causes pain

There are some disorders that can cause lower right abdominal pain. The most common disorder is appendicitis. There are no limit of age and gender when it comes to appendicitis. If you have the acute lower right abdominal pain, no matter how old you are and or your sex is, you better off seeing the doctor to know the cause. The other cause is bowel cancer. It is actually more serious than the former. Though it is not common, one of bowel cancer’s symptoms is lower right abdominal pain. The less serious cause of lower right abdominal pain is constipation, where you have lack of fiber and water intake.

Lower right abdominal pain VS lower right back pain during pregnancy

If you are the pregnant woman, lower right abdominal pain may come with the usual Lower right back pain in women. Actually, the cause of this pain in pregnant women is ectopic pregnancy. It may not only be lower right abdominal pain, but also the left abdominal too. It depends on which tube that is affected. It is more serious than lower right back pain during pregnancy. If you have the lower right abdominal pain during pregnancy, you may have vaginal bleeding too. Sometimes the dizziness also occurs, the pain in shoulder tip and weakness too. You should know that ectopic pregnancy is a serious case. It is because the position of the fetus is anywhere but the womb. You need the emergency help with the doctor if you happen to have ectopic pregnancy.

Besides ectopic pregnancy, actually endometriosis is also the cause of lower right abdominal pain. In this case, only women can experience it. It is caused by the womb tissue’s presence outside the womb per se. Apart from ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis and some other cases; lower right abdominal pain can attack men too. There other common causes are hernia, which are more common experienced by men than women, lymphoma, kidney stone, and the other serious disease. Due to the serious cases, it is important for you to directly visit the doctor if you experience the lower right abdominal pain. You have to treat that as the serious symptoms of the serious cases instead of the usual lower right abdominal pain.

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