How to Make Veggies Tasty

Veggies come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They offer a plethora of flavors, cooking and serving options and are great for you. Some lend themselves well to cooking while others are best served raw. Imagination and personal choice are fairly well all that stand between the possible and the undone. Still, with so many possibilities it is easy to see how they can become overwhelming, dull, and distasteful. Fortunately, brightening up veggies is not all that hard.

Avoid overcooking

It may be surprising to discover just which veggies can be eaten raw. This is not to say that you have to eat them raw but only to point out that they may not require as much cooking as previously thought. This would make them more crunchy and flavorful. A quick blanching or a couple of minutes on the grill may be all it takes.

Along the same lines, consider that when combining veggies for the same meal, some may require longer cooking than others. Don’t add all the ingredients at the same time.

Lemon, garlic and other secret ingredients

Marinades and rubs are not just for meat. Before grilling up your veggies consider sprinkling on your favorite spice. This author prefers dried roasted red pepper with garlic. Add a little olive oil, lemon and salt, then grill to perfection. Alternatively, experiment with using honey, mustard, and yogurt. The main key is that a marinade must be tasty on its own in order for it to be tasty in combination. Sample the concoction to make sure you like it and then close your eyes and try to imagine adding that flavor to what the veggies usually taste like.

Chicken soup stock

There are very few things that do not improve in flavor with a splash of chicken soup stock.

Add fruit

Raisins, apples, clementines, even edible flowers are all a great way to add something different to the usual offering.

Serve them up raw

Not all vegetables lend themselves well to a lack of cooking. But then again, some may surprise you. It may also be interesting to consider mixing cooked with raw veggies. Consider that simply rinsing and serving, perhaps with your favorite dip, is also a great option. A sprinkle of lemon juice will help maintain freshness and add a bit of tang. All it takes to brighten up vegetables is a willingness to step out of the usual and a bit of imagination. Enjoy!

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